About Maureen

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Maureen mesmerizes musical audiences with her rich Malaysian heritage combined with smooth, sultry vocals. Passionate about music, she discovered her love for singing at age nine and has done it ever since. Although a versatile vocalist capable of performing any genre’, she specializes in Smooth Jazz, R&B/Soul and Adult Contemporary styles. Heavily influenced by the great female vocalists like Etta James, Anita Baker and Whitney Houston, Maureen’s performances are defined by her signature power, range and control while delivering crystal-clear vocals that set her apart.

After winning or being a top finalist in several talent competitions, Maureen got her big break when she was a finalist in the Bintang RTM national talent competition and was offered a position at the national TV and Radio network, Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM). She spent the next 2 years appearing on frequent TV and Radio music programs, highlighted by a tour with the RTM Orchestra across Malaysia with additional stops in Singapore and Brunei. As a popular TV personality and recording artist, Maureen was in high demand. Even the King of Malaysia hand-selected her on two separate occasions for live, private performances! Maureen’s debut Malay album titled Perasaan, included songs that made the Malaysian pop charts including her top-five hit “Aku Sayang Kau Pun Sayang”.

Since moving to the US, Maureen remains busy performing at local venues with several Jazz and light rock bands. Maureen plans to record new material soon with two new songs and a full-length album currently under development. After a decade absence, she is now staging a comeback to the Malaysian music scene while building her popularity in the US by releasing new English and Malay songs. She is thrilled to be doing what she loves and is looking forward to this exciting new phase of her music career.